The Electronic Periodic Table of the Elements
For Educational Purposes Only
Source code for the Electronic Periodic Table of the Elements v2.0
Inventors: Dr. Jan Hans Noordik, Europe; Dr. Todd Martin Miller, USA

epte-2.0.7.tar.gz (>9 megabytes) (with Windows curses)

The Electronic Periodic Table of the Elements, originaly written in C and still in C, can be downloaded and used. It includes sound files (which you may choose not to install) that give element names and definitions out loud.

The program, epte, contains a central screen which shows the periodic table of the elements and from which each letter of the alphabet produces a new display. The supplemental displays are of physcial constants related to chemistry and contain references to books. The following tables are included:
( Inside display screens "space bar" pages and "q" quits,
"space bar" exists the program on the table of elements.)

a - Attributes of some Metals n - Nobel Prize Awards for Chemistry
b - Bond Energies of Inorg. Compounds o - Oxidation Potentials of Elements
c - Conversions between units p - Physical Constants of Chemistry
d - Definitions of Chemistry  q - Quit the Program
e - Electronegativity of the Elements r - Radii, Ionic with Charge States
f - Formula Weight Calculator  s - Solubility Products of Compounds
g - Groups of Elements by Common Name  t - Time Line of Chemical Events 
h - Move LEFT or Use Left Arrow  u - Units and Prefixes of Metric System
i - Ions of the Elements with Names  v - Various Forms of Periodic Tables
j - Move DOWN or Use Down Arrow w - Orbital Filling on Table (toggle)
k - Move UP or Use Up Arrow  x - Number the Periodic Table (toggle)
l - Move RIGHT or Use Right Arrow  y - Element Weight on table (toggle)
m - Minerals of the Earth with Formulas z - Group Labels on Table (toggle)

The program is under a GNU Public License.

KNOWN ISSUE:  If your platform is not Ultrix, VMS, linux, or freebsd may get the wrong version of curses.  To correct it change -lncurses to -lcurses (or whatever version you have) in the makefile.  Change #include<ncurses.h> in periodic.h to your curses include file.  Make sure a you get the right attribute type (A_BOLD vs. _BOLD for example) in a few routines that only handle curses attribute changes