December 30, 2012

The   ClockOut   App

The ClockOut App was made for those jobs where the employer demands that the employee work not a minute over the time assigned for him or her to work and will terminate the employment of the employee if he or she works over the time allotted more than three times in a six month period.  It also makes it easy to set an alarm some time prior to the time you have to clock out.

The app can be found at the Google Play Store for $1.50. 

At the top of the screen the user of the app enters the accumulated time from the time clock, usually shown in computerize as hours:hundreths of an hour on the time clock.  Using the settings option, accessed by pressing the setup button, the total number of hours you are allowed to work in for the humanity of the society can be entered.

After pressing the Calculate button the total number of hours left that you can earn an income from is displayed in human time of hours and minutes (xx:yy), and below that the Leave At window shows when you would “punch out” if you worked all your remaining hours. 

If you intend to take a lunch of 1 hour or 30 minutes you can choose those buttons and your Leave At time will be adjusted accordingly.

Using the Set Alarm button you can schedule an alarm to go off in advance of your Leave At time.

Now your only trouble is you are not allowed to have your cell phone with you while you work, but some managers allow exceptions.

Have a nice time in your work; your best case scenario is a boss that has some common sense and cares about your rights as a human being and a citizen. .

“You don’t need to give someone the best case scenario when you are always doing your best towards them.”  - I wrote that!

Buy this app if you want to own the Zone Sales App that shows proportionate profits for each department in each area of a sales floor zone.


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