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See maps of the Numismatic Sites of the Ancient Greek World (Java needed)

Ancient Greek Coin Collector's Mint sites maps

NorthWestern North Carolina  USA 

International Covenant On Economic, Social and Cultural Rights


United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights


For EPTE Inorganic chemistry software click here


For an article on Discrimination based on Marital Status click here


For a short article on Compensation Rates click here


Employment at Will -- The Offensive Legislation. click here


DS-2130AT Meade Newtonian Reflector Telescope Tripod Enhancement Modification


Archimedes' Method


The Source Code to The Ancient Greek Mints Software Program. Taken as is from my directories and in need of a clean up that I might do later. The link is to a tar.gz file and the code was using a Microsoft C++ compiler.


More information about The Ancient Greek Mints Software Program.


Personal Computer Connectors.


Internal Personal Computer Connectors.


wunderground (Weather Underground) files to send weather images in the background (on linux) using crontab to update weathercam.


Apache AP13P Lamintor for Printed Circuit Boards (Rollers)


Thinking, Summarily Explained in English


Outdoor Solar Heater


Automated Ventilator for Solar Heater