September 29, 2018


The Iranians once (in the late 1970s or early 1980s) called us “the Great Satan”. I think, today, September 29, 2018, they finally proved it. The original idea was that the United States wanted their oil and money and so they took over the government with capital and installed a stooge to do their bidding. I can see the same thing inside the United States: the wealthy wanted all the money and resources, so they took over the government with capital (always obeying the letter of the law) and put their stooges in the Congress and the Senate, the judicial and executive branches to do their bidding. Its easy to see why they were right and correct, you just need to substitute the United States for the Iranians, know how they took over the Iranian government and notice how they have done the same thing here.

I do believe they hated the United States for that alone in the late seventies, but when Reagan/Bush brought the war to them from Iraq, that is when they called the United States the GREAT SATAN.

Professor Emeritus Wolff pointed to one thing that I know is true. When these politicians’ schemes do not work anymore, when the public finally wakes up to the lies and cheating they are doing, they all do what George Bush Jr. did immediately, knowing he had cheated the United States out of its right to vote: they start a war so that nobody can change anything politically unless they are in the government. They remove liberty and rights from the people (Patriot Act) and then the give the public the reasoning that it cannot replace the president, it would be too dangerous during a war.

Donald Trump plans on a second term as soon as he was sworn in, I or we know now how he will get it, he will start a war and bet on the belief that nobody can replace the president during a war. The rest of the government will agree with him, nobody can replace anybody during a war, the war comes first, unless you want to loose it, then you are a traitor.

Post Script:

Probably they will say they don’t need to be president, but its a lie. They not only have hugh egos that make them so they want to be more famous than Ceaser Julius in the history books, they can also make the very laws that the vast majority of citizens do not question, that they live their lives by, that they can do nothing to change; in effect they can control the rules of the game. That makes them very powerful, even amount the super rich, the wealthy, the elite, the plutocracy, and they like that too.