Apache AP13LP 13” Laminator June 6, 2015

(for toner transfer to printed circuit boards)

Tightening the laminator too much will cause the roller material to melt, and that is how they catch fire. The higher the pressure on a gas, liquid or solid the faster it melts/the lower the temperature required to melt it. The temperature alone cannot be relied upon to predict if the roller silicon or rubber will melt. Ideally there would also be a pressure gauge on the rollers that had some influence on how high the temperature could be set.

One person has tried using less pressure and more passes and build a kit that can be bought at JAMCO. It automates the machine so that it can be left to move the board back and forth at a lower pressure to make the transfer.

Here is a quote from a company in New York to put new silicone on the rollers that I received on June 6, 2015:


QUOTE 150615

Customer provided cores

.75" OD x 13' face Coated with 40 to 70 Shore A Silicone (RED/ORANGE)

Finished to 1" x 13" face

2 pcs $117.50 each

Lead time 5 to 7 working days after receipt of cores

***Please remove all heaters, bearings, gears prior to shipment to JJ SHORT

FOB Macedon

NY 14502

Major Credit Card accepted



Peter J. Short


Short Associates, Inc.



315-986-2827 (fax)


of our parts, components and tooling are proudly made by American

workers in the USA!

Here is a kit made to automate the rolling so one need not attend to the machine while it makes many passes at a lower pressure and temperature:

Laminator Mod-PCB Toner Transfer from a Laser Print


CJKIT-21353 $24.95

Jameco Product Page

I have searched for replacement rollers and I cannot find any. I have searched for Silicone sheets to glue onto the rollers and they cost so much the quote I received seems reasonable. A new laminator is less expensive than fixing the rollers in all the cases I looked at.